Environment + Sustainability Everything in the green area!

First Choice 4 Second Life is a matter of great personal importance to us! With our recovery program, we aim to generate the greatest possible number of devices that can be used again in a second life. That is how we can promote sustainability, save and reuse raw materials, prevent devices from ending up in illegal landfill, and much more besides. We are a "circular company" and we stand for all that is good about sustainability and product life extension!

In 2018, 1.4 bn new phones were sold globally and 23 mn in Germany. It is estimated that 200 mn used phones are left in drawers of German households and offices. Professional processing and refurbishment of a single smartphone leads to a 58 kg reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. More than 60 materials are required to make a mobile phone: 

In addition to tantalum, gold, tin, etc. plastics are used in the housing, various other metals for cables, contacts, circuit boards and batteries, and glass and ceramics for the display. What does that mean in real terms?

Alone in the 1.4 billion new smartphones that were sold worldwide in 2019, there were 5,650 tons of cobalt, 14 tons of palladium, 34 tons of gold, 350 tons of silver...! We want to make sure these precious materials are not lost to the world!

Teqcycle is certified as a climate-neutral company. Our CO2 emissions are compensated for through the company KlimaInvest Green Concepts GmbH. And we also collaborate with renowned research institutes that occupy themselves with recycling and recovery, partly to ensure a scientific foundation for our activities in this field. Teqcycle is also a participant in the "Umweltpakt Bayern" environmental initiative of the federal state of Bavaria. And that is just the beginning! We can issue your company a Climate Neutral certificate as proof of your sustainable work.

We cooperate with "Plant for the Planet"; the biggest global reforestation project on Earth. Our partners receive a personal certificate, which modern companies require for their Sustainability Report. So in addition to the revenue that catapults your liquidity upward, you gain big bonus points for your Sustainability Report!

That's what we call win-win.

Sustainability that pays!

Smartphone Explosionsgrafik

The joint TEQCYCLE and Deutsche Telekom take-back system has been awarded the Blauer Engel environmental seal of approval in 2019. We are the first returns system for digital mobile devices to receive this accolade. But what's it about? Very old devices generally don't have a resale value anymore, but they still contain raw materials such as gold, cobalt, palladium, etc. that can be recycled! We want to work sustainably and reuse valuable resources, and one of the ways we do so is with our Used Mobile Phone Collection Center! We gather these devices in Europe-wide campaigns, delete their data absolute reliably, have them disassembled and donate the proceeds to charity. We also collaborate with highly reputed research institutions that occupy themselves intensively with recycling and recovery, to underpin our activities in this field. Where we are is the forefront!


  • Teqcycle is our exclusive partner for trade-in concepts for mobile digital devices. The smooth take-back process is a huge added value for our customers, and hence a valuable addition to the service portfolio of Deutsche Telekom.

    Karsten Pfrommer Vice President Produktmanagement Mobile Telephone Corporate Clients Telekom Deutschland GmbH

  • Teqcycle has proven to be a very flexible and dynamic partner that enables us to deliver outstanding additional services to our customers fast. It is a great partnership that we plan to build on even further in the future.

    Gerrit Povel
    Director Sales eCommerce Samsung Electronics

  • Teqcycle offers us a European trade-in opportunity for our end customers. We use trade-in as a marketing instrument to boost our sales of new phones. The Teqcycle team combines greatest flexibility with stable and innovative processes.

    Eva Wimmers
    HUAWEI HONOR, VP Honor Global

  • The Teqcycle trade-in process is the most robust, best process
    at TSG Telekom Shop Gesellschaft!

    Albert Pott
    TELEKOM SHOP GESELLSCHAFT, Former Managing Director