Sunday, 17 February 2019
Your coordinator for individual B2B take-back processes in the field of mobile devices

Teqcycle helps you market your remainders and surplus stock and organise returns. The aim is to optimise sales revenue across the entire marketing process while achieving total transparency. Teqcycle does, of course, comply with environmental standards, export guidelines and strategic objectives.

Sales services

Motives for marketing remainders and surplus stock 

Most companies focus on selling new products and capital is tied up unnecessarily in remainders and surplus stock that no longer finds ready buyers via the usual sales channels.

Teqcycle has a global and tested network of buyers and many years of experience in marketing difficult products

Addresses of Teqcycle sales services

All companies with remainders/surplus stock and with 14-day returns of electronic mobile terminal devices can benefit from Teqcycle sales services. This applies particularly to network operators, manufacturers and retailers. 

The Teqcycle offering 

Successful channel strategies to generate higher revenues 

Successful channel strategies to generate higher revenues Teqcycle offers a professional service for the marketing of your remainders and surplus stock and for returns (14-day returns, faulty devices), a service that starts right in your warehouse. There, employees view the equipment, record all sales-related data and prepare this information for marketing purposes – always drawing on their experience and their instinctive feel for the market. Together with repair and refurbishment partners a decision is made on what to do with the devices, bearing cost aspects and revenue optimisation in mind.

The combination of marketing via local end-customer channels (e.g. Ebay power sellers) and global marketing enables Teqcycle to generate maximum sales revenues in the market on your behalf. The entire process is controlled and displayed on the take-back and marketing platforms programmed in-house. You can see at all times at which point in the process your devices are located. And, of course, Teqcycle supplies comprehensive analyses of your current projects. This tried-and-tested approach guarantees the best possible prerequisites for successful selling of your products.