Sunday, 17 February 2019
Your coordinator for individual B2B take-back processes in the field of mobile devices

Teqcycle carries out collection campaigns adapted to specific customer requirements. Teqcycle takes full account of legal requirements, data security and ecological aspects. One hundred percent transparency through all process steps is guaranteed.

Public Collections

Motives for collection campaigns

Legal requirements and obligations to take back electronic devices after use have become much stricter over the last few years. At the same time, only a very small percentage of disused mobile phones are re-used, most landing in the waste bin or lying forgotten in drawers. The BITKOM IT Association puts the number of old mobile phones in Germany above 100 millions in the beginning of 2013. This means that statistically every inhabitant of Germany has at least one unused mobile phone.

This is exactly where Teqcycle comes in. Raw materials in the phones are recovered through recycling. And phones that still function are made available for re-use.

Addressees of collection campaigns

Network operators / manufacturers / retailers: for manufacturers and distributors Teqcycle organises all aspects of collection, from set-up of collection boxes through logistics to recycling or re-use, to help them comply with the take-back obligation set out in § 23 ff. of the German recycling law (KrWG). 

Government bodies, associations, not-for-profit organisations and companies: Teqcycle is authorised to carry out collection campaigns for the above in the context of take-e-way's existing voluntary collective take-back system for small electrical appliances and energy-saving light bulbs in accordance with §9 of the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG). In the partnership with take-e-way/Vere set up in 2010 top priority is given to transparency and to compliance with all legal requirements.

The Teqcycle offering

The Teqcycle full solution covers planning, implementation and control of mobile phone collection points as well as logistics, marketing and recycling. The whole process is managed using the Public Collections Partner take-back platform programmed in-house. Each device is recorded and evaluated by reference to the IMEI number. Device-based reporting is transparent and clearly structured.

Your benefits 

You demonstrate social responsibility: Environmental and social commitment pays off. Use collections as an image campaign.

Reimbursement: The revenues from recycling and marketing of the devices are reimbursed to you minus costs. On request, Teqcycle will also help you find a suitable donation partner.

You offer your customers/stakeholders value added: Old devices can be handed over in your shops/facilities, thus increasing customer frequency. You have the option of linking the collection of old devices with a cash-back program (cash payment/voucher).

Start at your own front door: Clear out your own drawers and include your old equipment in a process that is safe, secure and environmentally sound.