Sunday, 17 February 2019
Your coordinator for individual B2B take-back processes in the field of mobile devices

Exploit new marketing opportunities and offer your customers value added. Teqcycle has developed custom solutions (online/stationary) for network operators, manufacturers and retailers to enable them to take back and re-use or recycle mobile phones.

Online and point of sale take back solutions

The Teqcycle solution for network operators, manufacturers and retailers

Whether network operators, manufacturers or retailers: The trade-in of used products is by no means only popular in the car industry and thus generates a close connection between seller and buyer. Teqcycle provides turnkey and individual solutions online and for the point of sale in order to be able to offer mobile take back processes (e.g. cash back programs) to customers.

Beispiel App

Teqcycle assumes responsibility for planning, implementing and controlling the mobile
phone collection points as well as for logistics, marketing and recycling. The entire
process is managed using the shop or online take back platforms programmed in-house.
Teqcycle also develops innovative solutions such as the Teqcycle app that provides
an immediate valuation of devices to end customers.

All information from Teqcycle‘s different take-back platforms come together in the Teqcycle software solution Reversys. Teqcycle offers you real-time access to your data and the ability to view customised reports at any time. Therefore, a close monitoring of processes and all key indicators is possible at all times.