Sunday, 17 February 2019
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GSM Retourplan has chosen Teqcycle as a new full service provider

Voluntarily supported by the Dutch mobile phone industry the GSM Retourplan Foundation offers a free mobile phone recycling program that accepts all brands and types of mobile phones, plus their batteries, chargers and accessories. Basically, it's the industry's way of ensuring mobile phone products don't end up in landfill - but instead are recycled and remarketed in a safe, secure and ethical way. And all net revenue is donated to charity organizations.

Rogier Goed (Co-founder)
“GSM Retourplan’s target is to collect as many old/unwanted mobile phones as possible from the market via our network of A-brand companies and local authorities. Due to Teqcycle we are able to process and data clean all our mobile phones according to the highest standards in line with law and regulations. But the true value is Teqcycle’s system – Reversys – registering every step in the process per mobile phone. The data and all related reports are always and real time available which empowers us to be 100% transparent towards our network of partners.”