Teqcycle partners TELEKOM in new used-mobile phone recycling scheme 'We Care'

Teqcycle is a strong partner: In early September 2019, Deutsche Telekom launched Germany's first sustainable mobile phone recycling scheme 'We Care' at the International Consumer Electronics Fair IFA 2019. Top quality pre-owned devices at the best prices on the market, with a new-device guarantee! Good for the environment – a win-win situation for all involved. Teqcycle is Telekom's partner in this innovative device cycle. But how does it actually work?

Buyers of new mobile devices trade in their old one for top dollar – either online or in a brick-and-mortar shop. The used mobiles are then transported safely, professionally processed and re-sold at attractive prices with a new guarantee to customers who opt for a used device, for the sake of sustainability and any number of other good reasons.

Teqcycle is the certified Telekom partner with wide-ranging experience in the circular economy. We organize the perfect cycle and give used mobiles a new life – and all that in just a few absolutely secure steps:

  1. Trade-in of the mobile device online or in the store
  2. Transport in sealed security boxes
  3. Certified data deletion with a security certificate
  4. Professional processing of the old device to make it 'as new'
  5. Re-sale in the 'We Care' recycling program

1.5 bn new mobile devices were sold around the world in 2018. In Germany the number was 24 million. An estimated 124 million used devices are wasting away in German desk drawers. Professionally recycling one used smartphone saves 58 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions. Those are the facts!

Sustainability, data security and top prices are our profession, mission and passion! With Deutsche Telekom's 'We Care' program, society is taking a big step in the right direction! We are proud and happy to be making our contribution.