May 21, 2019: Fascinating presentation at DIGITAL X

+++News: Live on Stage+++ Our specialist Michael zum Hofe held a fascinating presentation at the DIGITAL X on 21 May 2019, entitled "What to do with used mobile phones? Digital security for mobile devices thought through to its logical conclusion...!" What was it about, and why is this a major issue?

It is a widespread misconception that "Reset to factory default settings" means all the data on a smartphone get deleted, making it "safe" to sell a used mobile. The fact is, however, that sensitive data, confidential mails, secret documents and private photos, etc. from old phones repeatedly turn up online or at the competition. How can that happen? It's because deleted doesn't necessarily mean deleted! 

We are the technology leader in erasing cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices properly, using cutting-edge software technology that makes it absolutely impossible to retrieve the deleted data. Our BLANCCO tool guarantees you absolute security! And we provide you with an IMEI-based proof of deletion for each device we wipe, so you can be sure when you sell your used device that your personal data, photos, files, e-mails, etc. definitely DON'T get sold with it! 

Michael zum Hofe is in charge of business development at Teqcycle and of our cash-back cell phone trade-in solutions for mobile telephony providers and key customers. More information and contact


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