Challenges + solutions for corporates

All of our clients deal with large numbers of used mobile devices, but their challenges vary greatly. We offer the perfect, individually customized product service for each one! But what does that mean in real terms?

Well, mobile brands, for instance, suffer from "dead on arrival". Retailers want to sell their customers new devices, but lack an attractive trade-in concept for their old ones. Operators like Telekom and Vodafone want to push sales of new mobile devices in their shops. And business customers need a fast, safe and GDPR-compliant solution for hundreds of devices every week, to cater for the ever more rapidly rotating equipment carousel. And on top of that, the channels are becoming increasingly intertwined, with the distinction between online and offline blurring progressively. For that reason, our trade-in concepts are omni-channel, incorporating shop, online, call center, external partners… ensuring that you can always return your pre-owned mobile phones anywhere and anytime with complete security!

Challenges for corporates

Thousands of devices in circulation from various different cellphone generations and manufacturers, substitute devices, replacement devices – everyday life in many companies! And passing old mobiles on to the staff or selling them through unsafe internet portals can both quickly turn into a data disaster.

"Bring Your Own Device" and the GDPR make device handling, asset management and data security extremely complex – a huge responsibility for IT departments! Teqcycle takes that responsibility off their hands – with bespoke end-to-end solutions for business customers.

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Solutions from Teqcycle

  • 01 / Business Trade-In

    Millions of employees are given new digital devices every year. But what to do with their previous devices, which are anything but "old" and way too valuable to be lost in the basement of your IT department? Those devices lose more value with every passing day. Giving them to employees or selling them on unsafe internet portals represents a huge data security risk. And the capital tied up in the devices is lacking for your operational business! As the technology leader in this field, TEQCYCLE helps with an innovative trade-in concept for business customers.

  • 02 / Shop Trade-In

    Offering to take back old devices at attractive terms in your shop promotes your sales of new products! Our trade-in portals make it possible to integrate employee trade-in into a sales pitch, and close the sale.

  • 03 / Online Trade-In

    Offering attractive deals for taking back old devices through a clever app or modern online portal pushes your sales of new devices! Teqcycle offers customer-specific white label solutions with your branding as a fully integrated trade-in service! With your client's customer journey in the foreground and Teqcycle's perfect handling behind it. The ideal way to add impetus to your core business through your online channel!

  • 04 / Upgrade

    You want to make the transition to the hottest new device as easy as possible for your customers? You want to offer them the latest model on a silver platter, with an offer they can't refuse? That's where we come into the equation – with replacement or upgrade programs based on residual value guarantees that Teqcycle calculates reliably on the basis of its many years of experience. The programs are supported by smart online processes, with you deciding on the depth of the integration!

  • 05 / Smart Bundle

    You want your prices to stay where your strategy says they should be? We are the specialists in that. An example: Your customer buys a new digital device in your shop and can redeem a voucher online for a quality headset. Not cheap, but great value for money! That is how we help you in all your sales channels. With our Smart Bundle product, Teqcycle offers a clever service for innovative omni-channel campaigns. Full service, without having to use your IT resources!

  • 06 / Lifecycle Management

    Lifecycle management minimizes costs and effort: Customer returns, loan and demonstration devices and leftover stock cause you high costs and generate low returns when you sell them? Teqcycle takes all that pressure off your hands: transparent process, low costs, and liquidity through rapid resale. Years of experience and our innovative and professional auction portal help you get the best price when selling your digital devices, turning dead capital into very live liquidity!

  • 07 / Public Collection

    "A good deed every day" is our motto, which is why this issue is of great personal importance to us. Millions of truly old devices are lying around in drawers, gathering dust in boxes and shelves of IT departments, because they don't actually have any market value anymore. Actually...! Because even really ancient digital devices contain valuable, recyclable raw materials such as gold, cobalt, palladium, etc.. We want to reclaim these precious resources so that they can be reused. That is why we collect old devices all around Europe in highly publicized recycling campaigns, delete the data with total security and send them to be disassembled. We are honored to do so voluntarily and for charitable purposes. It's as simple as that!

Secure Trade-In by Teqcycle

Equipping your staff with a new cellphone generation? You have 500 or less mobile devices that your company has no further use for? With just 4 clicks, send them to us and we will give them a new lease on life or ensure they are disposed of sustainably and with complete data security. And the best thing about it – you make money on it! Fast liquidity and total data security – you get to have your cake and eat it too!

Simply register, order a mailing box, download the free-transport label and provide your account number. You get mailing boxes from us, put the devices in the bubble-plastic envelopes provided, close the box, done! A few days later you receive our offer for the purchase of your devices. If you accept it, we send you your money and a data deletion certificate for each individual device on IMEI basis. 

Think that's a great service? So do we! Let's chat about how we can inject new life into old devices in your company, and how we can help you with professionally managing your digital device assets!

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You have 500 devices or more spread across various venues and countries?

We have what you need: Individually tailored trade-in solutions and customized logistics concepts to organize the returning of smartphones. Quickly. Simply. Professionally.

SMEs, blue chips and DAX corporations have been trusting in Teqcycle for years!

We'll be happy to show you our clever concepts in a personal meeting!

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