We are a young, innovative technology company. We breathe new life into pre-owned mobile devices. We offer turnkey trade-in solutions for mobile brands, retailers, operators and other companies, and manage the entire value chain, from purchasing the devices through to logistics and data deletion, all the way through to their resale. For our clients that means high volumes for little effort!

Teqcycle stands for secure and sustainable trade-in solutions for large numbers of used mobile devices: cellphones, smartphones, tablets, ...

We are all about cyclicity. The circular economy is in our DNA. And our goal is to make a difference! We have been a partner to international operators and retailers, brands and corporate customers for many years now, specializing in resourceful, individually tailored concepts for reclaiming large volumes of used mobile devices, with complete data security. We are First Choice 4 Second Life!

Certified data deletion process

Only a professional deletion process on an IMEI basis offers true security for sensitive data! Audited and certified. Teqcycle makes sure you don't pay a high price for what the internet portals tell you is a bargain.

Liquidity through best prices

Our attractive prices guarantee you rapid liquidity! State of the art technology enables us to pay top prices. Our omni-channel concept offers maximum flexibility, whether through shop, online, call center or our partners!

Active asset management

Our unique professional solution: the controlled and managed trade-in of pre-owned mobile devices, uncompromising data security and immediate liquidity. Perfect end-to-end handling, all from one provider!

Environmental Sustainability

All systems green: Reusable devices go to a new owner; unsellable devices are dismantled sustainably once their data have been deleted, so that their valuable resources can be recycled.

Little effort, big value.We are "First Choice 4 Second Life!"

1.37 billion new smartphones are sold worldwide every year, including 23 million devices in Germany alone. 200 million of them end up disappearing in drawers or cupboards as unused back-up devices, or are sold through unsafe internet portals.

Data security is seriously neglected when selling private and commercially used smartphones. And the often still considerable residual values are frequently underestimated, leading to these expensive devices losing more and more value every day!

And what is more, large amounts of precious raw materials are left unused: In the 1.4 billion smartphones that were sold worldwide in 2019, there were 34 tons of gold and 350 tons of silver! And that's just the tip of the iceberg! 

Teqcycle changes all that with an innovative trade-in concept. Professional processing and refurbishment of a single smartphone leads to a 58 kg reduction of greenhouse gas emissions!

First choice 4 Second life

Challenges for clients and partners


Thousands of devices in circulation from various different cellphone generations and manufacturers, substitute devices, replacement devices – the norm in many companies! And another dangerous everyday occurrence like passing old mobiles on to the staff or selling them through unsafe internet portals?


Tough competition and the fight for new customers is your everyday life? You want your customers to extend or upgrade their mobile phone subscriptions? You want to cut the costs of subsidizing high-quality new devices? You want to generate cash? Prevent churn?


You struggle to maintain or even increase your sales figures? Returns, DOA and 14-day stock are your profit killers? Your warehouses are filled to the brim? The budget for promotion is never enough? You want to offer your online and offline clients the same outstanding customer experience?

Mobile Brands

Competition on the new phone market is brutal, the predation ruthless. Customer loyalty is declining as brands become more and more interchangeable. Your 14-day stock is growing and growing? Buyer's remorse and "dead on arrival" are leading to returned goods madness? Stabilizing prices is top priority?

Solutions from Teqcycle

  • 01 / Business Trade-In

    Millions of employees are given new digital devices every year. But what to do with their previous devices, which are anything but "old" and way too valuable to be lost in the basement of your IT department? Those devices lose more value with every passing day. Giving them to employees or selling them on unsafe internet portals represents a huge data security risk. And the capital tied up in the devices is lacking for your operational business! As the technology leader in this field, TEQCYCLE helps with an innovative trade-in concept for business customers.

  • 02 / Shop Trade-In

    Offering to take back old devices at attractive terms in your shop promotes your sales of new products! Our trade-in portals make it possible to integrate employee trade-in into a sales pitch, and close the sale.

  • 03 / Online Trade-In

    Offering attractive deals for taking back old devices through a clever app or modern online portal pushes your sales of new devices! Teqcycle offers customer-specific white label solutions with your branding as a fully integrated trade-in service! With your client's customer journey in the foreground and Teqcycle's perfect handling behind it. The ideal way to add impetus to your core business through your online channel!

  • 04 / Upgrade

    You want to make the transition to the hottest new device as easy as possible for your customers? You want to offer them the latest model on a silver platter, with an offer they can't refuse? That's where we come into the equation – with replacement or upgrade programs based on residual value guarantees that Teqcycle calculates reliably on the basis of its many years of experience. The programs are supported by smart online processes, with you deciding on the depth of the integration!

  • 05 / Smart Bundle

    You want your prices to stay where your strategy says they should be? We are the specialists in that. An example: Your customer buys a new digital device in your shop and can redeem a voucher online for a quality headset. Not cheap, but great value for money! That is how we help you in all your sales channels. With our Smart Bundle product, Teqcycle offers a clever service for innovative omni-channel campaigns. Full service, without having to use your IT resources!

  • 06 / Lifecycle Management

    Lifecycle management minimizes costs and effort: Customer returns, loan and demonstration devices and leftover stock cause you high costs and generate low returns when you sell them? Teqcycle takes all that pressure off your hands: transparent process, low costs, and liquidity through rapid resale. Years of experience and our innovative and professional auction portal help you get the best price when selling your digital devices, turning dead capital into very live liquidity!

  • 07 / Public Collection

    "A good deed every day" is our motto, which is why this issue is of great personal importance to us. Millions of truly old devices are lying around in drawers, gathering dust in boxes and shelves of IT departments, because they don't actually have any market value anymore. Actually...! Because even really ancient digital devices contain valuable, recyclable raw materials such as gold, cobalt, palladium, etc.. We want to reclaim these precious resources so that they can be reused. That is why we collect old devices all around Europe in highly publicized recycling campaigns, delete the data with total security and send them to be disassembled. We are honored to do so voluntarily and for charitable purposes. It's as simple as that!

Experience + Reliability

For more than 10 years now, all kinds of companies – from SMEs to DAX corporations, mobile brands, operators and retailers have been putting their faith in our service! We are a strong partner to the biggest players on the market: enterprises such as Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Samsung, Huawei, etc. are not only long-standing clients of ours, they are also important development partners for our unique trade-in process. The venture capital arm of Deutsche Telekom has also been a major investor behind Teqcycle for many years.

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Security + Trust

Data security is our top priority! Our hardware, software and our entire takeback process are audited and certified by the German technical inspection association DEKRA. We erase all data from all devices with absolute reliability. We drive even the best hackers to despair! And we guarantee that with a proof of deletion for every device, based on the IMEI. Because your data are the most precious commodity in the world.



It is a widespread misconception that you can properly manage personal data on mobile devices with professional MDM Mobile Device Management or EMM Enterprise Mobility Management. Many companies employ professional systems like MOBILE IRON, KNOX or DEP Device Enrolment Program. What very few people know is that the data are not then automatically deleted and safe!

Environment + Sustainability

First Choice 4 Second Life is a matter of great personal importance to us! With our recovery program, we aim to generate the greatest possible number of devices that can be used again in a second life. That is how we can promote sustainability, save and reuse raw materials, prevent devices from ending up in illegal landfill, and much more besides. We are a "circular company" and we stand for all that is good about sustainability and product life extension!


  • Teqcycle is our exclusive partner for trade-in concepts for mobile digital devices. The smooth take-back process is a huge added value for our customers, and hence a valuable addition to the service portfolio of Deutsche Telekom.

    Karsten Pfrommer Vice President Produktmanagement Mobile Telephone Corporate Clients Telekom Deutschland GmbH

  • Teqcycle has proven to be a very flexible and dynamic partner that enables us to deliver outstanding additional services to our customers fast. It is a great partnership that we plan to build on even further in the future.

    Gerrit Povel
    Director Sales eCommerce Samsung Electronics

  • Teqcycle offers us a European trade-in opportunity for our end customers. We use trade-in as a marketing instrument to boost our sales of new phones. The Teqcycle team combines greatest flexibility with stable and innovative processes.

    Eva Wimmers
    HUAWEI HONOR, VP Honor Global

  • The Teqcycle trade-in process is the most robust, best process
    at TSG Telekom Shop Gesellschaft!

    Albert Pott
    TELEKOM SHOP GESELLSCHAFT, Former Managing Director

    Best Price of the Week

    Free certified Data Wiping on EMEI-basis.


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